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Sustainable company

What it means to be a sustainable company

To say that Sioen Industries is a sustainable company is an understatement. The companies' efforts go far beyond sustainability. We see ESG as a source of innovation, competitive advantage and value creation for all our stakeholders. That's why it is one of the cornerstones of our company strategy.

We are in this for the long run. So in order to guarantee for a better future, Sioen Industries made sure that ESG initiatives are seamlessly integrated in the company's overall strategy and vision of 'Protection through innovation' and 'Shaping the future of Technical Textiles'.

Climate change and carbon reduction is at the top of Sioen's and the European Union's agendas. We continuously look into possibilities and invest in solutions to reduce our energy use, and consequently, reduce our carbon emissions.
Michèle Sioen
CEO Sioen Industries Group

ESG Approach & actions

Taking actions to reduce our carbon footprint and thus our negative impact on our planet is one thing. But measuring all those initiatives is equally as important. You cannot improve if you don't know what your current impact is. Therefore, we constructed a framework based on 5 pillars, which allows us to take a proactive edge on ESG and to ensure transparent reporting. On the Sioen CSR website and in our annual ESG report, you can read more extensive information on our approach, and the actions we are taking for each one of the 5 pillars.

  1. Environment
  2. Human capital
  3. Social capital
  4. Business and innovation
  5. Leadership and governance
Every year, the Sioen group publishes an ESG report that summarises the company's social, environmental, and economic practices in order to become a more sustainable business. We are aware that this is a work in progress and recognise that we can keep on improving. But we are also proud to show our realisations and would like to thank you for taking this journey with us.
Discover the Sioen CSR website
Find out all the actions Sioen Industries sets intended to have a positive impact on its employees, business partners, surroundings and the broader environment.

CSR at Sioen in a nutshell

As a family business, with family values, we see CSR as an integral and fundamental part of our company's DNA and corporate culture. In this video, Michèle Sioen explains how we step up our game.

Michele Sioen's vision on CSR, making lives better