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Sustainable brand

What it means to be a sustainable brand

We are aware of the impact we have with our products and processes. It goes without saying that we should continue to lower our carbon footprint.

Read below which efforts we make as a brand and discover how we try to incorporate our sustainable approach in everything we do: from eco-friendly fabric to packaging & design choices, but also by creating coherent collections and forming durable partnerships with suppliers.

Sustainable materials and fabrics in SYNQ workwear

  • Partly or entirely recycled materials: Three quarters of the fabrics used in our workwear are partly, and some even completely, made of recycled materials. Here, recycled polyester takes the lead because this technology is already advanced, allowing us to guarantee high-quality workwear garments. Also recycled cotton and lyocell, an environmentally sustainable fibre, are used.
  • Virgin materials: The remaining quarter is not recycled to ensure strength and protection, e.g. in fabrics used for reinforcement and in waterproof fabrics. Fabrics with recycled fibre did not pass our demanding in-house quality tests which led us to a difficult choice. We made the decision to not compromise on our quality, since sturdy fabrics last longer. Nevertheless, our R&D experts are keeping a close eye on new innovations. Once these are sufficiently performant, we will evaluate how we can make the switch.


Look for this symbol to easily identify garments that are completely or partially made of recycled materials.

Did you know?
All 3 layers of the SYNQ® Deteqtor softshell jacket are completely made of recycled materials:
100% recycled polyester + recycled TPE membrane + 100% recycled polyester fleece.

High-quality fabrics last longer

Choosing high-quality fabrics, e.g. Cordura, and thorough testing - both in-house as by a test team - ensures qualitative and robust workwear that endures more and lasts longer. So, you enjoy your workwear outfit for a longer period, automatically prolong the lifecycle of the garments and thus reduce waste: a win-win for you, your wallet, and the environment.

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The sustainability of workwear collections

Working in collections is not only easier for you to find more quickly what you're looking for, but it is also a thankful method for us to look how we can optimise our resources. Our collections are designed to last for years. This allows us to place large bulk orders for our fabrics and ensure very low waste rates.

Other sustainable efforts

Recycled poly bags

Sometimes small efforts, can have a huge impact. That's why all poly bags used to safely pack and ship SYNQ work clothes are made of 100% recycled plastic. Obviously, the best thing to do would be to ban all packaging. However, for our clients that is not an option. By using 100% recycled poly bags, we can still meet their needs, and in a more sustainable way.

synq workwear recycled cardboard

Recycled cardboard

Also for the packing of our accessories, we looked how we could make a more sustainable choice. The packing for the kneepad and belt was designed to be created in 100% recycled cardboard. Which can also be easily recycled again. Look for the Triman logo on the cardboard that tells you how to recycle your packing. And dispose of your packing in a correct & harmless way.