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Coming soon: SYNQ workwear for women

By the end of next year, female professionals will be able to sync their outfits with the ones of their colleagues. Perfect for a modern and uniform team look. Discover more in this blog and stay tuned for further product updates!

women in synq

Women wearing men’s workwear but in smaller sizes? For more general, items it’s definitely feasible. However, for more specific workwear, say work trousers or T-shirts for example, we feel that’s pretty passé! No man would ever consider wearing workwear for women but in a larger size, would he? And why should he? Every professional on the work floor deserves a work outfit that is perfectly in sync with their needs and workday. No matter your gender.

In 2024, SYNQ will be expanding its offer with specific items for women. Enabling female professionals to get to work with clothes that actually fit and allowing large teams and companies to easily create a uniform look for their entire team.

“We want professionals to be able to do their job without worries. Wearing robust and high-quality workwear that has the right fit, features, look and protection. By expanding our offer with dedicated workwear for women, we can really meet the needs of every single professional on the work floor.”
Stefan Van Ende
Business Unit Manager SYNQ

why workwear for women?

Creating workwear specifically for women is about so much more than just slightly adapting the proportions of the piece of clothing, or - worse - just providing an existing item in a new colour (yes, we are talking about pink...).

When developing the new SYNQ workwear for women, our - mostly female - team of experts takes a lot more into consideration to make sure that the result is perfectly in sync with the needs of female professionals :

  • The right protection:

When developing SYNQ workwear, offering the right protection is always one of our top priorities. For our female range that is no different. Take knee protection for instance: it is key that your kneepads arrive at the right place and the right height, in sync with your body shape and size. When it comes to rain protection as well, you need your hood, hem and cuffs to be adjusted to the female physique.

  • The right features:

When creating workwear items for women, it's important to re-examine the features. Workwear for women obviously has the same pockets, loops and overall features as the ones of their male counterparts. But did you know that for women workwear, these features can have different sizes or a slightly different position to better match the female morphology?

  • The right fit:

When working in different conditions, you want your clothing to be nice and comfortable. And to follow your every move. That’s only logical, isn’t it? You don’t want to be thinking about how your clothing fits. And why should you? That’s our job. Trust our experts, and focus on your passion and skills.

  • The right look:

When dressing up large teams or companies, you obviously want your team members to sport a nice and uniform look. Preferably in your company colours or in colours that offer a great match with your logo. By creating collections with coherent designs and colours for both men and women, SYNQ workwear helps you create the perfect team look that radiates professionalism.

Stay tuned for further updates

The development of SYNQ Women Workwear is fully ongoing. In the next months, we will definitely be posting more information about the new products. Sign up for our newsletter and make sure you don't miss any of our updates