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Tested in SYNQ with Professionals

SYNQ workwear is made by a team of professionals who are true experts in their fields: fabric specialists, creative designers, masterful developpers, talented tailors, diligent quality controllers,... But our workwear is not only made by professionals, it is - most importantly - made for professionals: the people on the workfloor who wear our clothing every day.

To make absolutely sure that our workwear is perfectly in sync with the needs and on-the-job requirements of professionals, we have teamed up with a group of experienced pros. They have tested the new workwear in the field and have given the developers their highly valuable input.

How is SYNQ workwear tested?

When it comes to testing, you can summarize our motto as "One is none". To ensure the high quality and protection we aim to offer, we don't rely on one single test, or one test partner: we have our tests executed by multiple partners, in different stages of the development process.

All raw materials, whether still in development or long-standing, are thouroughly tested both in Sioen’s own R&D centers and labs, as well as by independent research institutes. Testing our fabrics for tear and tensile strength, abrasion- and water-resistance, colour fastness, ageing,... ensures the finished garment meets the needs of the professional. Read more on in-house testing & quality control.

When it comes to finished garments, who better to ask for feedback, than professionals themselves? That's where our test team, the SYNQ Squad, comes in. They put our developments to the test in the work-field, judging if the performances is up to par for their jobs. Any feedback they give us, we evaluate and use to improve the product where necessary.

Every feedback we receive is being evaluated, incorporated in the designs and tested again. Testing our workwear really is a never-ending process.
Jasmin Bultinck
Junior Product Manager - SYNQ

What does the SYNQ test team test?

  • Fabrics: The touch and feel of the fabrics, their flexibility and breathability. Are they sufficiently resistant to wear and tear? And comfortable enough to wear an entire workday long?
  • Fit: Do the clothes offer a perfect fit? Or are they rather snug or loose in specific places? Does the fit allow for sufficient liberty of movement, or could you use a little more stretch?
  • Protection: Do the winter items keep you nice and warm? Does the rainwear offer an outstanding barrier against water?
  • Pockets: Do you have all the pockets you need or could you use a little more storage space? Are the pockets intuitive and in all the right places? And what about their size?
  • Design: What do you think of the look of the clothing? Do you like the colours? Can you feel the boost of your professionalism?
  • ...

Who are the people in the SYNQ SQUAD?

From a self-employed joiner and contractor, over 2 brothers with their own SME pool business, to motivated team members at large companies,… The SYNQ Squad is a marvellous and diverse group of experienced professionals with different jobs, preferences, ages and body types. Their common feat? They are passionate about what they do. Something they share with each other and with the SYNQ core team at Sioen.

SYNQ SQUAD test team group picture

A few SYNQ SQUAD favourites

Coming soon

SYNQ® Sqoot

Knee pocket trousers, stretch zones
106WA2PQA 6 colours
Coming soon

SYNQ® Qlear

Service trousers, stretch zones, high-vis class 1
111WA2PQA 4 colours
Coming soon

SYNQ® Beamer

High-vis winter bomber jacket
701WA2L2I 4 colours