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Meet SYNQ workwear

to SYNQ‑chronise

SYNQ, short for "synchronise", is a verb for making things work together. Just like you sync your data with the cloud, your phone with your car, your meals with your drinks, ... Now it's time to sync your workday as well, because 'in SYNQ works well'.


That’s a fact. Not a slogan. Every professional knows it: when you work with somebody who is entirely in sync with you, it really makes a world of difference.

That’s why SYNQ workwear is teaming up with passionate professionals.

As your reliable partner in Qrime on the work floor, SYNQ offers robust and high-quality workwear with the right fit, features, look and protection.

So you can focus on your passion and skills. Without worries.

Let’s get in SYNQ

Perfectly in SYNQ with your workday.
That’s what our workwear aims to be.
So that you can focus on your passion.
On what you do best and love most, without worries.

Rely on SYNQ workwear, with the Q of...


Rely on the long-standing reputation of Sioen Industries as a textile solution provider. Its dedicated team of experts, network of reputed suppliers, in-house test laboratory, own production facilities,... are your guarantee for great Quality. And of course, every SYNQ garment is also tested on the job by the SYNQ Squad test team.


The key to great workwear? Qomfort! Especially when you move. That's why all our work trousers have a comfortable fit with pre-bent trouser legs, conveniently placed pockets, a mechanical stretch main fabric,... To ensure Qomfortable topwear, we offer workwear with properties like antibacterial, breathable, lightweight,...


We take our responsibility, both as a brand, and as a company. For Sioen Industries Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) is encoded in its DNA. As a brand, we follow their inspiring lead and try to make sustainable choices, wherever that is possible. For instance, we use recycled materials in all products where the high-quality and protection we aim to offer, can be guaranteed.


You want your workwear to have the right fit, features, pockets,… But obviously, you also want it to look good. SYNQ workwear gives you one less thing to worry about. Whether you are working together in team or meeting up with clients, our extensive product range with modern designs and stylish colours assures that you will look the part!

SYNQ® by Sioen

Founded in the 1960s, Sioen Apparel, a division of the Sioen Industries group, has built up a strong reputation in the protective apparel business. Its broad product range offers protection at work for firefighters, policemen, chainsaw users, rescue workers, windfarm operators, industrial labourers in high-risk environments,… However, the Sioen Apparel offer hardly included workwear for professionals within, for example, crafts, construction and industry.

True to its commitment to be a clothing solution provider that offers protective clothing for every worker, the company decided to expand its range with a new brand. The objective? To offer protective, robust and comfortable workwear to modern professionals in jobs involving lower risks. Workwear that is perfectly in sync with their needs and workday: SYNQ workwear was born.

We are very proud to present SYNQ workwear as the latest addition to the Sioen Apparel “House of brands”. This new brand is the perfect expansion of our product offer and will enable our company to provide a complete outfit for every single professional on the work floor.
Bart Vervaecke
CEO, Sioen Apparel