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Meet Sioen Industries

About Sioen Industries

Sioen is the name and quality label of a world-renowned textile solution provider. Sioen develops, produces and distributes a wide variety of products within the world of technical textiles: yarns, fibres, colouring solutions, wovens and nonwovens, coated fabrics and protective clothing. Technical superiority is what binds all divisions. With permanent investments in state-of-the-art machinery, innovation and talent, Sioen continuously lifts its products to new heights.

Shaping the future of technical textiles
Founded in the 1960s, Sioen gradually grew into a highly diversified industrial group with activities in all corners of the world. Today, Sioen Industries is the world market leader in coated technical textiles and technical apparel, protecting people and their belongings.
protection through innovation.

The strengths of 'Passioen'

With an excellent long-standing reputation, a vast in-house knowledge and an unparalleled expertise in the textile industry, the Sioen group has many advantages to offer. Yet, what sets us apart above all else is our ‘Passioen’. It is a mix of ‘passion’ and ‘Sioen’, and the perfect way to describe how we work.

We are ‘Passioen’-ate about many things including – but absolutely not limited to:

Innovative Research & Development

Our in-house R&D departments are the driving force behind the development of new materials, processes, applications,… Their knowledge and expertise is key to the innovative solutions we offer to our clients.

Manufacturing excellence

All Sioen production plants are equipped with state-of-the art machinery. Our continuous investments to keep all our factories modern and up-to-date, guarantee our customers the competitive advantage of the latest technology.

Environmental, Social & Governance

ESG is an integral and fundamental part of our company's DNA and corporate culture. It has been translated since decades in our company slogan “protection through innovation”, making people’s lives better.

In-house testing & quality control

Another thing we are passionate about: testing & quality control. All raw materials, whether still in development or long-standing, are thoroughly tested by independent research institutes, as well as in Sioen’s own R&D centres and labs. Our in-house test facilities are fully equipped with the latest testing equipment so that all testing for tear and breaking strength, flame retardancy, thermal radiation, chemical resistance, bullet and knife impact, water column, colour fastness, ageing,... can (also) be performed in-house.

A few of the tests that are relevant to SYNQ workwear are:

Abrasion resistance

At work, you bump against objects, rub along surfaces, carry stuff in your arms,.. Where your clothes meets other objects, you don't want them to start pilling. The Martindale test, aka. 'the rub test', assesses the durability of fabrics. It identifies how long a fabric remains intact when it is exposed to wear and tear.


You want your rainwear to keep you dry, right? To guarantee an excellent protection from the rain, we perform several tests: the spray test to determine the water repellency, the hydrostatic pressure test to test the resistance to water penetration and the rain tower test to assess the waterproofness of a finished garment.


Rest assured that your work clothes won't tear or rip easily. We test both the tear resistance of fabrics to determine how well a material can withstand the effects of tearing and perform a tensile strength test to measure the force that is required to pull something to the point where it breaks.

washing tests

To preserve your clothing's look & protection level, we determine the washing durability of finished garments to make sure that both the fabric and the features can withstand a specified number of washing cycles. We also team up with professional laundries to verify that our garments are suitable for their care process.

Lab dipping

When you assemble an entire, uniform work outfit, you want all colours to match nicely, don't you? That's why, before production, lab dips are made of all different fabrics used in our product range to make sure that each colour is consistent throughout all fabrics and collections.

in the field testing

The real test however, happens on the work floor. To make sure that our work clothes are up to par with your professional on-the-job requirements, we have teamed up with the SYNQ Squad test team. This group of experienced pros tests our workwear in the field and gives the developers their highly valuable input.

The Sioen Apparel 'House of brands'

As the latest brand of the Sioen Apparel division, SYNQ workwear can rely on a strong reputation and vast experience in the protective apparel business. Our sister brands offer protection at work for firefighters, policemen, chainsaw users, rescue workers, windfarm operators, industrial workers in high-risk environments,…

Meet the other brands in the Sioen Apparel 'House of brands' and discover how our group can be your one-stop shop for all you (work) apparel needs.


Professional Protective Clothing

Sioen PPC is the European Market Leader in Professional Protective Clothing. They are the number one innovator in this domain offering high-quality and highly technical solutions for many different applications and markets.

SIP Protection

Forestry & Arboriculture Outfitters

SIP protection offers protective clothing, such as chainsaw protection, for forestry and arboriculture. Engineered, manufactured, worn and approved by experts for experts.

Sioen Ballistics

Ballistic Protection

Sioen Ballistics offers a wide range of ballistic and stab proof protective products in various formats, including overt, covert and tactical vests, hard plate carriers and shields. The protective solutions from Sioen Ballistics are widely trusted by defence & law enforcement professionals working both on land and maritime environments.

Sioen Fire

Firefighter Intervention Suits

Sioen Fire develops and produces firefighter suits that are mainly tailor-made, to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Contact our experienced sales team to discover which solution is fit for your needs.


Floatation Garments & Life Jackets

Mullion is known for marine safety and personal flotation devices designed to protect lives in some of the harshest and unforgiving enfironments on our planet. Mullion lifejackets, flotation and immersion suits combine comfort and durability with technical safety and protection.


Professional Drysuits

Ursuit drysuits manufactures absolute safety combined with first-rate comfort. This way, the user is better protected against extreme conditions both above and below the water surface. You can wear our products for all kinds of water activiteits, with a focus on diving, rescue and recreational drysuits. All of the Ursuit drysuits are handmade and therefore they can easily be modified according to your needs and wishes.


Country Lifestyle Clothing

Baleno has been protecting countryside enthusiasts in the most demanding environments for over fifty years. The brand is renowned for its ability to deliver technically advanced, stylish clothing specifically designed to tackle all weather conditions.

The closest Sioen brand in our line of business is Sioen PPC, the European Market Leader in Professional Protective Clothing. Do you need workwear that protects against flames, welding sparks, arc flashovers, static, chemical splashes,…? Sioen PPC to the rescue!