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A warm zip-up fleece jacket or a short zip work sweatshirt? A high-vis hoodie? Or rather a modern midlayer fleece with a hood? In the workplace, a durable, comfortable sweatshirt always comes in handy.

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The advantages of a work sweater

In the workplace, a warm workwear sweatshirt offers many advantages over an ordinary pullover. For example, SYNQ work sweatshirts are made from robust fabric that endures more and lasts longer. The specific design of a sweatshirt for work creates a professional look that fits nicely with the rest of your work outfit.

Moreover, the fitting of an actual work jumper is created to allow you to move comfortably on the job and makes taking it on and off extra easily. Finally, the sustainability aspect of a professional work sweatshirt should not be forgotten: that’s why the SYNQ sweatshirt, fleece jacket and midlayer jacket are all made of 100% recycled polyester.

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