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Find here all SYNQ T-shirts and polo shirts for professionals and complete your professional work outfit with a heavy duty T-shirt, workwear polo shirt, safety work shirt, high-visibility long-sleeved T-shirt,…

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Work shirts fit for the job

Choose your workwear T-shirt and polo shirt always in sync with your job requirements, your professional needs and – of course – your personal preferences. If you often work in the sun, we highly recommend a long sleeve sun protection shirt or a T-shirt or polo shirt with UV protection. Look for shirts with an antibacterial finish if you tend to break into a sweat.

Does your job require you to meet up with clients? Well, you might consider wearing a polo shirt for a professional look, or choose a wrinkle-free polyester T-shirt for a clean appearance. Pro tip: personalise your workwear shirt with your company name or logo for an extra professional touch.

Choose the perfect colour
to match your company branding