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Looking for a sturdy stretch work belt, a certified pair of kneepads or a practical cap? These work accessories are the perfect addition to your professional workwear outfit.

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SYNQ® Jerom

Certified kneepads (type 2, level 1)
001WA2ZZQ 1 colour

Work accessories for your workwear

Complete your work outfit with a professional workwear accessory. A work belt is your perfect partner when you like to carry around a lot of tools in the pockets of your work trousers. It doesn’t just look stylish, but also perfectly keeps your pants up.

A cap is a functional accessory to protect your eyes from sun and dust. And if you often work on your knees, you absolutely need a pair of kneepads that offers EN 14404 certified knee protection in combination with your favourite pair of work trousers with kneepad pockets.

Accessorise your
SYNQ workwear