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Personalise your workwear

You want to look and feel good while being at work. Good news: if you decide to personalise your workwear, you automatically take your looks and your company's visibility to the next level. Scroll down to read how you can personalise your workwear.

How to personalise your workwear?

Would you like to add your company name or brand logo to your professional workwear? You are in the right place to get started. Now, first things first: choose the right spot for your company branding. In the pictures below, you can see a few different options. Go for an ‘in the face’ position such as the chest of your work jacket, choose an original spot like the back pocket of your work trousers, or select a more subtle location, e.g. at the back of the knitwear, just below the collar. The choice is yours!

front side

- Chest: middle of the chest, above or on chest pocket
- Sleeve: top of right / left sleeve
- Thigh: right / left
- Thigh pocket: right / left

back side

- Just below the collar
- Middle or lower back
- Back pocket: left / right
- On the calf (from top to bottom or from bottom to top)

Which printing techniques can I use to personalise my workwear?

So you’ve identified the perfect spot for your company branding? Great! Now, let’s decide on how you want to place your logo on your workwear. There are lots of printing techniques available for different types of fabrics, each offering its own quality, look & feel and end result.

Below, we introduce you to the two most popular printing techniques for personalising work outfits. Both techniques were tested on our workwear by the in-house R&D team to guarantee a perfect end result.


Your brand literally comes forward if you embroider your logo or name on a certain garment. This gives you a high-end, qualitative look that remains on the garment, no matter the amount of washing cycles.

Embroidery is a perfect technique to use on more robust fabrics, such as all of our work trousers. Beware: do not use embroidery on your rain & cold items, since this would make those items no longer waterproof .

Heat transfer print

This printing technique is commonly used because it is an easy and cost-efficient way to personalise your work outfit. Especially for detailed logo designs with an array of colours, heat transfer printing is a convenient solution.

With heat transfer prints, the application duration, temperature and pressure are important factors to take into account. Make sure to check with your printing partner which settings apply for the type of heat transfer and fabric you’ve chosen.

Good to know: every SYNQ workwear item is suitable for heat transfer print, except for the midlayer and fleece jacket.

Not sure which personalisation technique is best suited for your selected outfit? Need some help with the sizes of your logo placement? Or do you still have questions after reading this page?

Our customer service or your sales contact person are here for you!
When developing new workwear, we always examine which print technique works best on the garment. And we are more than happy to support you with all necessary technical advice for your project.


Thinking about adding your company logo to your EN 20471 certified high-visibility outfit? Great idea! Not only will the fluorescent colours catch everyone’s attention, your personal branding will make you stand out even more!

However, special attention has to be paid when it comes to personalising certified garments, since adding your company logo might affect the protection level of the garment. Therefore, you need to keep in mind both the size and placement of your logo, as well as the technique used to apply your branding to the garment.

Always check with your safety advisor beforehand or ask your SYNQ dealer for advice.

High-visibility workwear

It might seem obvious not to put any branding on top of the retroreflective stripes, but you will also need to take into account that adding your logo, regardless of the technique used to apply it, will reduce the surface of fluorescent fabric in the garment.
Therefore, you need to make sure that the total size of the logo(‘s) does not exceed the minimum required amount of fluorescent fabric, in order not to reduce your safety class. The available cm² for personalisation can vary per garment and size. Don’t hesitate to contact us for detailed information on a specific garment.

Waterproof fabrics with membrane

Don’t let the wrong choice of how to personalize your EN 343 garment rain on your parade! Certain techniques, like embroidery, can damage the membrane of your waterproof fabric. This allows water to seep through the otherwise waterproof membrane. Result? You’ll no longer be protected against the rain. Choose a different method, like heat transfer to personalise your rainwear.


When it comes to the personalisation of your padded EN 342 garments, we don't leave your printing service out in the cold either. In the back panel of all our lined jackets, our designers have added a practical zip closure for branding. This feature, aka. a 'printer zipper', makes the job of printing services extra easy. By opening the specially designed zip closure, they can simply slide the outer fabric layer over their printing plates to smoothly apply your company name and/or logo without any padding hampering their efforts.

Note that all SYNQ rain jackets with an inner mesh lining have this practical feature as well!

Look for this symbol to identify SYNQ jackets with a zip closure for branding.

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