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Inside leg lengths

What is my inside leg length?

That's a great question! Your inside leg length is the length of the inside of your leg, measured from the crotch to the floor. For every person, that length can differ. To ensure a perfect fit and length of your work trousers, all long SYNQ trousers come in 3 different inside leg lengths. Every pair of trousers, no matter their inside leg length, obviously offers the same features and pockets. Only their position can differ for optimal protection, comfort and looks.

SYNQ work trousers - inside leg lengths

Short "S" Regular "R" Long "L"
Inside leg length ± 76cm ± 81cm ± 86cm
Available sizes 44 to 58 42 to 66 44 to 58

Need a little extra length?

No problem! Each pair of SYNQ work trousers can easily be lengthened with another 5 cm, thanks to the practical extendable hem feature.

  • Short "S": inside leg length ± 76cm + extendable hem = ± 81 cm

  • Regular "R": inside leg length ± 81cm + extendable hem = ± 86 cm

  • Long "L": inside leg length ± 86cm + extendable hem = ± 91 cm

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How do I measure my inside leg length?

The inside leg length of a person is measured from the crotch of the trousers to the floor. Make sure not to wear any shoes. Measuring your own inside leg length can be tricky as you tend to bend over to measure. Ideally, you get someone else to assist you, since that will assure a nice and straight up position. If this is not possible, take a look at our instructions and tips & tricks on how to find your perfect workwear size.

Why do I need a different inside leg length?

When wearing the right size and perfect length of work trousers, your pockets (including knee pockets) arrive at the right height. That's practical, ergonomically better and offers better protection for your knees. In terms of durability, there are some advantages as well: No sagging trousers at the crotch, no walking on your hem,... Rest assured that your work trousers will last longer. And last but not least: perfectly fitting trousers, look better!