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Extendable trouser legs

How do you lengthen your work trousers?

An extendable hem, or double finished hem, allows you to easily lengthen your work trousers and add an additional 5cm to the trouser legs. Because the hem is double finished, the trouser legs will still look neat at the hem.

Why do work trousers have an extendable hem, you might wonder? Well, people come in different shapes and sizes. You might have a short torso with long legs, a long torso with short legs, or another body proportion. When you are looking for the perfect size of work trousers, an extendable hem is your perfect ally to creating that perfect length.

Especially when wearing knee pocket trousers, it is crucial that your kneepads arrive at the right height. We recommend you choose your work trousers based upon the height of your knee pockets and use the extendable hem to easily lengthen them out.

Make your work trousers longer in 3 simple steps

All you need is a seam ripper (or a sharp, small knife). No need for your partner, mom or a seamstress! This will only take a minute.

  1. Turn over the lower part of your trouser legs.

  2. Can you spot the blue thread? Now use the ripper to undo it.

  3. Ready! Admire your work and check out the additional 5cm of length you have gained!

Generally speaking, the professionals wearing our workwear are no tailors. And why should they be? By incorporating this practical design feature in all our work trousers, we want to make their lives easier and optimise both their protection ... and their looks!
Jasmin Bultinck
Junior Product Manager @ SYNQ workwear


Your trouser legs are nicely finished with a perfect stitch.


Your trouser legs are still nicely finished ... only 5 cm longer!

Do you want to easily identify which SYNQ work trousers and bib & brace overalls have the extendable hem feature? Look for the following symbol on the product pages of our website!

The extendable hem is a practical design feature that can be found in all SYNQ work trousers and bib & braces.