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This collection is all about EN ISO 20471 certified workwear and about ... choice. And when we say ‘choice’, we really mean it! The SYNQ & SAFE collection offers the widest choice in the SYNQ product offer.

Just look at the work trousers: you can choose from work trousers with a high-vis class 1 or a high-vis class 2 protection and with or without knee pockets. Each pair of high-vis trousers and shorts is also available with a mechanical stretch main fabric only, or with additional 4-way stretch inserts. The choice is yours!

Combine the trousers of your choice with a high-vis T-shirt, polo shirt, sweat-shirt,… and choose a high-vis jacket to add certified rain and/or cold protection to your work outfit. And whether you prefer a winter bomber or parka, a high-vis work jacket or a softshell jacket with detachable sleeves,… We’ve got a variety of high-visibility jackets for you to choose from.

And last but not least: the use of recycled materials in most SYNQ & SAFE workwear items, makes it easy as pie for you to make a sustainable choice as well!

All certified high-visibility items you need to get to work safely.

About the colours

746 | High-vis yellow / Navy blue

751 | Navy blue / High-vis yellow

749 | High-vis yellow / Black

753 | Black / High-vis yellow

748 | High-vis orange / Navy blue

756 | Navy blue / High-vis orange

750 | High-vis red / Black

769 | Black / High-vis red

Mix & Match

Combining a high-vis shirt with non-high-vis trousers, or vice versa? No problem! The entire SYNQ range uses the same non-high-vis colours allowing for an easy mix & match across collections and ... a perfectly matched work outfit!


High-vis clothing places you in the spotlight. And when it's your time to shine, we want you to look awesome and feel good! Choose from two designs (symmetrical and asymmetrical) and two fits (modern and dynamic), both with a great look and nicely fitting trouser legs, thanks to the use of 80 mm reflective stripes.

Moreover, the segmented, retroreflective tape is a custom-made design. Perfect to make you stand out and to ensure a striking look.

EN ISO 20471 certified workwear
All SYNQ & SAFE items are certified according to the EN ISO 20471 safety standard for high-visibility clothing.

Collection facts

Let's be brief: here are all the Qore facts you need to know about the SYNQ & SAFE collection:

4 colourways you can mix & match with the other SYNQ collections

EN ISO 20471 (+ knee / rain / cold protection)

Mechanical stretch main fabric (all trousers!)

4-way Stretch Cordura® kneepad pockets and inserts (optional)

Cordura® reinforcements

Use of recycled materials

Choose from trousers with a modern and a dynamic fit

Choose from symmetrical and asymmetrical designs

Did someone say STRETCH?

Yes please! The comfortable mechanical stretch main fabric is in some high-vis trousers combined with flexible 4-way stretch inserts for optimal freedom of movement.

SYNQ & SAFE Products

Now that you have read all the highlights of this collection, you are ready to choose: high-vis work trousers with stretch inserts, high-vis shorts with mechanical stretch, or a pair of waterproof high-visibility rain trousers? Top them of with a high-vis long-sleeve or choose a T-shirt or polo shirt with short sleeves. And why not add a high-visibility sweatshirt and a high-vis jacket as well? Choose your style (parka, bomber, softshell,...), your protection level (rain and or cold) and you can rest assured to get seen in SYNQ!

Coming soon: in the fall of 2024, the SYNQ collections will be broadened by adding i.a. bib & brace overalls; a hooded sweatshirt, midlayer jackets and workwear with a special fit for women.

High-vis trousers

Coming soon

SYNQ® Showup

Service trousers, high-vis class 1
108WA2PQA 4 colours
Coming soon

SYNQ® Sighter

Service trousers, high-vis class 2
109WA2OAA 4 colours
Coming soon

SYNQ® Catchup

Knee pocket trousers, high-vis class 2
110WA2OAA 4 colours

High-vis trousers with stretch inserts

Coming soon

SYNQ® Qlear

Service trousers, stretch zones, high-vis class 1
111WA2PQA 4 colours
Coming soon

SYNQ® Beaqon

Service trousers, stretch zones, high-vis class 2
112WA2OAA 4 colours
Coming soon

SYNQ® Nopaque

Knee pocket trousers, stretch zones, high-vis class 2
113WA2OAA 4 colours
Coming soon

SYNQ® Qandid

High-vis service shorts, stretch zones
212WA2OAA 4 colours
Tip : Look for the Q in the product name...
And easily identify all high-vis trousers with stretch inserts: SYNQ® Qlear | BeaQon | NopaQue | Qandid.

High-vis jackets

Coming soon

SYNQ® Beamer

High-vis winter bomber jacket
701WA2L2I 4 colours

SYNQ® Ledstart

High-vis softshell jacket, detachable sleeves
604WA2TUQ 4 colours

High-vis knitwear

Coming soon

SYNQ® Littup

High-vis T-shirt, long sleeves
306WA2MT3 4 colours