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Explore the ins & outs of all SYNQ collections: compare their strong points to see what sets them apart; learn more about the USP's that unite all collections or discover each one into more detail. Use this guide to find the collection that fits your needs.


Discover the 3 SYNQ collections into detail by clicking on the corresponding images below. Not sure which collection to choose from? Don't worry. This page also offers a practical guide to help you find the collection that suits your needs best. Just scroll down and start discovering what sets apart - and unites - the SYNQ workwear collections.


All the ‘core’ items you need. Ready to team up with large companies to help them ‘score’!


Looking for more freedom of movement? This collection is perfeQt for you!


Get seen in SYNQ. All certified high-visibility items you need to get to work safely.


By the end of 2024, female professionals will be able to sync their outfits with the ones of their colleagues. Perfect for a modern and uniform team look!

Which collection should I choose?

Excellent question! To meet the needs of various professionals, industries and companies, we have developed three different collections. Each with its own unique focus, functions, features, fittings,…

Stretch inserts or not? A modern or a more dynamic fit? Certified rain protection and/or high visibility safety? Hoodie lover or fan of fleece? We’ve got something for everyone. However, while their differences set all these collections apart, our designers have ensured that there is sufficient overlap to enable a mix & match of your choice.

Not sure which collection suits you best? Take a look at the table below to help you make your decision:

USP's of all SYNQ collections


By making sure the colour and size ranges are aligned, we make it easy for you to see which products you can choose from to assemble an entire outfit for your team.

Stick to one collection or simply mix & match between collections to combine functionalities, fittings and products from different ranges.


The use of stretch fabrics ensure additional comfort and functionality. You can always count on mechanical stretch in the main fabric of your SYNQ work trousers, or choose a pair with additional stretch inserts for an even higher level of comfort.
Of course, you'll find all the necessary pockets to store your tools and lots of other useful product features that make your professional life a whole lot easier.


SYNQ workwear offers protection through its high-quality fabrics & finishing on the one hand, but also through elaborate testing, both in Sioen’s own R&D centres and labs, as well as by independent research institutes. Combined with field-testing by the SYNQ Squad, you get workwear that's tested and approved for the job!
To top that off, you can count on certified protection for high visibility, knee protection, rain and/or cold protection & UV sun protection.


Various SYNQ items are made with recycled polyester or have another type of recycled material in the fabric composition. ​Also, SYNQ workwear carries the OEKO-TEX® standard 100 label, meaning there are no harmful substances in our workwear. This makes them a better and safer choice for your health.

Moreover, Corporate Social Responsibility at Sioen is an integral part of the company strategy. The CSR actions are intended to have a positive influence on the world and are a source of innovation, competitive advantage and value creation for all stakeholders. Sioen also publishes an annual ESG report about the company's Environmental, Social and Governance impacts.


Whether you are working together in a team or meeting up with clients, our modern designs assure that you will look professional and stylish!

  • Different fittings to choose from.

  • Stylish designs & colours to match with your company branding.

  • Ample place for your company logo.

  • And don't forget... mix & match between collections!


SYNQ workwear forms a strong combination with the other Sioen brands. For instance, Sioen PPC, Professional Protective Clothing, offers a wide range of high visibility and multinorm workwear, as well as solutions for cold storage and food, complemented with an extensive all weather product range.

This makes for a one-stop shop for all your workwear needs!


SYNQ workwear designs provide for ample space to put your company logo.

Looking for other collections?

Are you looking for a different type of professional workwear? Does your job require another level of protection? Don’t worry! Since we are part of an internationally renowned textile company, our sister brands have got you covered.

Sioen PPC for instance, is the European Market Leader in Professional Protective Clothing. Their high-quality and highly technical solutions serve many different applications and markets, like the food industry, agricultural industry, petrochemical industry, steel industry, … The broad Sioen PPC product range includes:

visit the Sioen PPC website