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Combine your high-vis workwear

It is possible to combine two or more EN ISO 20471 certified garments in order to achieve a higher class for the whole set. Find out all about combining different high-visibility garments in this guide.

Can you combine high-visibility clothing?

Yes, it is possible to combine high-visibility garments that separately have a lower class than when worn together. This way, wearing the entire outfit counts for a higher total classification. In order to understand which garments can be combined, it's important to know a few details about the EN ISO 20471 certification for high visibility to begin with.

3 safety classes

The purpose of EN ISO 20471 certified clothing, is to make the wearer more visible in situations and work environments where it is vital to be seen, in order to help prevent accidents.

Each separate high-visibility garment is accorded a certain safety class, based on the amount of fluorescent fabric and reflective stripes used in the garment. The more fluorescent and retroreflective material present in the garment, the higher the class. Choose your class of high-visibility workwear in accordance with your specific work situation and the risks you are exposed to.

Fluorescent material Retroreflective material
CLASS 1 at least 0.14 m² at least 0.10 m²
CLASS 2 at least 0.50 m² at least 0.13 m²
CLASS 3 at least 0.80 m² at least 0.20 m²

How can you combine high visibility clothing?

As you can see from the table above, the highest possible safety class a separate high-visibility item can achieve, is class 3. If your specific work environment requires a class 3 high-visibility protection, you can:

  • either choose an EN ISO 20471 product that is rated class 3 individually (e.g. a jacket)
  • or you can choose to wear two products that, when combined, offer you a class 3 protection

By combining two individual products with EN ISO 20471, you can achieve a safety class 3 certification for the whole outfit. Consult the table below to find out which combination of products will give you a higher class when worn together.

Make sure to always check which safety class is required for your specific work situation and make sure your combination is approved by your notified body.

safety classes 1, 2 and 3 for EN ISO 20471 high visibility clothing
If you require assistance to determine which class of high-visibility clothing you need, or which garments you can combine to reach a higher class, don't hesitate to ask us for help.


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