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SYNQ symbols

Find the list of all SYNQ symbols and discover the product features and benefits they represent.

Workwear symbols explained

To give you a quick overview of specific functions and features that are present in our workwear, we have created several symbols. Have you identified a SYNQ symbol and are you not quite sure what it means? Read the entire explanation below.

4-way stretch

Full stretch fabrics follow your every move for an unparalleled freedom of movement.

4-way stretch inserts

The 4-way Stretch Cordura® inserts in key areas give you optimal freedom of movement.

Mechanical stretch

This durable stretch is used in main fabrics to ensure a comfortable ease of movement.


Lightweight garments are light & comfortable to wear and particularly easy to stow & pack.

Waterproof fabric

The fabric is completely waterproof thanks to the use of a durable, waterproof membrane.

Taped seams

All seams are 100% waterproof sealed to prevent water from coming through the stitching.

Symbols combined

If you are looking for a waterproof garment, look for the combination of both symbols:

  • waterproof fabric

  • taped seams

Find out more about water resistance; breathability and what it means in the performances of your garment.

Breathable fabric

The breathable fabric allows perspiration to escape and keeps you comfortably dry.

Windproof fabric

The windproof fabric keeps cold wind from penetrating the garment and traps body heat.

Kneepad pockets: top-loading

Insert your kneepads via the top and easily adjust them in 2 heights for a perfect positioning.

Kneepad pockets: bottom-loading

Insert your kneepads via the bottom and easily adjust them in 2 heights for a perfect positioning.

Extendable trouser legs

The extendable hem allows you to easily lengthen your trouser legs by 5cm for a perfect fit.


Hidden buttons and zip closures minimise the risk of scratching delicate surfaces during work.

Inner zip closure for branding

The hidden zip closure in the back lining enables the placement of logos on lined garments.

Contains recycled materials

Being completely or partially made of recycled materials, this garment is the greener choice.


For longer-lasting protective workwear, industrial washing is absolutely the way to go. That's why every SYNQ garment is perfectly in sync with the professional care process.
For high-vis workwear, we recommend the use of a professional laundry service to keep the fluorescent and reflective materials optimally preserved.

Look for this symbol to easily recognise all SYNQ workwear that is suitable for care by a professional laundry service.

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