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EN ISO 20471

EN ISO 20471 high-visibility protection

This standard describes the test methods and specifies the requirements for high-visibility clothing. Garments that comply with this certification offer an increased visibility of the wearer during the day, at twilight and at night.

Visible by day, at twilight ánd at night

The EN ISO 20471 standard sets requirements for design as well as the total area of fluorescent fabric and reflective materials used in the garment. The combination of both fluorescent and reflective materials provide the wearer visibility from all directions, both at night and during the daytime.

The darker-coloured contrast fabric has - apart from being a design element - a practical function as well. It is used in areas that are most likely to get dirty, for example at the hem of trousers and jackets, at sleeve's end, near pockets, on knee pockets,...

  • Fluorescent fabric
    • The bright high-visibility orange, red or yellow colours make sure you are seen during the daytime. Because even when there is plenty of light or sunshine, this does not automatically ensure your visibility. The fluorescent fabric helps you to stand out from your surroundings.
  • Retroreflective tape
    • The reflective material placed around the arms, legs and upper body make your movements more visible at twilight and at night. Thanks to their retroreflective properties, this tape reflects back any surrounding light that bounces on it, for instance from a car's headlights, from light towers,...
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The difference between high visibility clothing during the day and at night.

Which class of high-visibility clothing do I need?

EN ISO 20471 is divided into three classes, based on the amount of fluorescent fabric and retroreflective tape used in the garment. The more fluorescent and reflective material present in the garment, the higher the class. Choose your class of high-visibility workwear in accordance with your specific work situation and the risks you are exposed to. If you are not sure which high-visibility class your job requires, always check with your safety advisor.

Fluorescent material Retroreflective material
CLASS 1 at least 0.14 m² at least 0.10 m²
CLASS 2 at least 0.50 m² at least 0.13 m²
CLASS 3 at least 0.80 m² at least 0.20 m²
OVERVIEW: required surface of fluorescent and retroreflective material in high-visibility clothing (EN ISO 20471)
A garment's certification can vary in function of your size. Always select your correct size on our website to consult the corresponding certificates.

How to read the EN ISO 20471 symbol

  • X: CLASS

    • High-visibility class

    • 3 classes (class 3 offers the best visibility)

High-visibility clothing & washing

Well-cared-for, clean clothing will provide you with the best visibility and protection. All our high-vis garments are recommended for professional care. The washing instructions also specify a max. number of washing cycles that are allowed to ensure perfect compliance with the EN ISO 20471 standard.


When personalising your high visibility garment, you need to consider both the size and placement of your logo. As this reduces the surface area of the fluorescent material, it might affect the protection level of the garment. Read more about it in our dedicated page on personalisation.

Can I combine high-vis workwear?

Yes, it is possible to combine two EN ISO 20471 garments in order to achieve a higher classification for the whole set. Make sure your combination is approved by your notified body so all requirements for each class are met. For example, you need a class 3 high-visibility outfit:

  • either choose a product that is rated class 3 on its own (e.g. a jacket);

  • or choose 2 products which, when combined, form a class 3 for the whole set.

Find out all about combining different high-visibility garments to assemble the perfect outfit for work at night or in low-light conditions.

Discover our EN ISO 20471 trousers

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Looking for more EN ISO 20471 certified clothing?

Different working conditions require different types of high-visibility garments. If you are looking for multinorm high-visibility clothing that protects against hazards such as flames, heat, metal splashes, chemicals and risks of arc-flash, we recommend to have a look at the Sioen PPC offer.

For infrastructure workers in the Netherlands, our colleagues at Sioen PPC also offer a range of RWS high-visibility clothing that meets the guidelines of 'Rijkswaterstaat'.

And last but not least: the lastest innovation in de Sioen PPC range also includes sustainable high-vis multinorm products.

PPC (multinorm) high visibility
Discover the entire range of EN ISO 20471 certified workwear