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EN 343


This standard describes the test methods and specifies the requirements for clothing offering protection against the effects of precipitation, such as rain and snowflakes, fog and ground humidity. The clothing is not made to protect against other effects, such as water splashes and waves. 

The EN 343 norm takes 3 parameters into account

  • Resistance to water penetration
    • The water penetration resistance of a garment is the amount of water a garment can withstand before it soaks through. Both the fabric and seams are tested.
    • The waterproofness is tested both on the fabric and on the seams with a water column (expressed in mm).
    • The EN 343:2019 is the latest version of this standard and takes 4 classes into account. Class 4 items provide the best waterproofness. Note that to achieve class 4, the seams also need to be tested after pre-treatment. 
  • Water vapour resistance
    • The water vapour resistance of a garment is the ease with which water vapour (e.g. sweat and moisture) can be transported from the inside of the clothing, to the outside and away from the body.
    • The breathability is tested both on the fabric and on the seams. It is indicated with the Ret value (expressed in m²Pa/W) and divided into 4 classes. The lower the Ret rating, the higher the breathability and the higher the class will be.
  • Rain tower test
    • The rain tower test is an additional, optional test that simulates outdoor weather conditions. It tests the performance of a ready-made garment. If not measured, this parameter is marked with an X on the symbol.
    • Note that the rain tower test was performed on all EN 343 certified SYNQ items at Sioen's in-house test facility.

How to read the EN 343 symbol

  • X: WP

    • water penetration resistance

    • 4 classes (class 4 = highest resistance to water penetration)

  • Y: RET

    • water vapour resistance

    • 4 classes (class 4 = highest breathability)

  • R: rain tower test (optional)

    • X means this has not been tested

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