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EN 342

EN 342 protection against cold

This standard describes the test methods and specifies the requirements for clothing offering protection against the effects of cold environments equal to or below -5°C. Garments that comply with this certification are aimed to protect the wearer against the risk of body cooling.

The EN 342 norm takes 3 parameters into account

  • Thermal insulation
    • To be more precise: the 'resultant effective thermal insulation'. This means that the thermal insulation is measured after a certain amount of time (1 or 8 hours) for various activity levels and air speeds.
    • The insulation value, Icler, is expressed in m²K/W. It is measured in combination with type B underclothing and on a moving mannequin.
  • Air permeability
    • The air permeability is a windproofing measurement. It is divided into three classes. Class 1 items have the highest air permeability and are therefore the least windproof. Class 3 items have a low air permeability, meaning that the fabric has a high windproofness.
    • When working in environments with a lot of wind, garments with a low air permeability (class 3) will offer the best protection. In less windy circumstances however, items with a higher air permeability (class 1) can offer a better comfort since they also have a higher breathability.
  • Resistance to water penetration
    • This value indicates a garment's waterproofing. It is divided into two classes of which class 2 is the most waterproof. If a garment is waterproof, its breathability must also be tested.
    • This value is optional, since EN 342 certified clothing does not necessarily needs to be waterproof. If not measured, this parameter is marked with an X on the symbol.
    • In the SYNQ workwear range, all EN 342 certified workwear items also comply with the EN 343 standard for protective clothing against rain.

Note that the best protection against the effects of cold environments is achieved when jacket and trousers are combined. Moreover, the protective effects and requirements of shoes, gloves and separate headwear are not taken into account in this standard, but we definitely recommend their use to keep you comfortably warm.

How to read the EN 342 symbol

  • a: Icler

    • resultant effective thermal insulation

    • expressed in m²K/W

  • b: AP

    • air permeability

    • 3 levels (class 3 is the most windproof)

  • c: WP (optional)

    • resistance to water penetration

    • 2 levels (class 2 is the most waterproof)

    • X means this has not been tested

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