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EN 14404

EN 14404 protection for kneeling work

This standard describes the test methods and specifies the requirements for different types of knee protectors for working in a kneeling position. Garments and kneepads that comply with this certification are aimed to reduce and prevent injuries and risks that may occur immediately or over time.

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All our work trousers and bib & brace overalls with knee pockets are certified in combination with the SYNQ® Jerom kneepads.
They offer a protection type 2, level 1: which means they protect against penetration of small objects and are suitable for use on flat and uneven floor surfaces.

There are 4 types of knee protectors:

  • Type 1:
    • Knee protectors that are not part of a garment ("independent"). These are fastened to the knee separately, for example by means of straps around the leg.
  • Type 2:
    • Kneepads that are placed inside the therefore foreseen knee pockets on the trouser legs.
  • Type 3:
    • Loose protectors, which are not in any way attached to the wearer's body and need to be put into the correct position whenever the user moves.
  • Type 4:
    • Knee protectors that are incorportated into another form of protection (e.g. a support frame for standing up or a kneeling stool). These can be worn on the body or can be stand-alone.

Knee protection is classified according to 3 performance levels:

  • Level 0:
    • Knee protectors that offer no verified penetration protection.
    • Should mainly be used when working on flat surfaces.
  • Level 1:
    • Knee protectors that offer penetration protection by objects smaller than 1 cm (e.g. small stones).
    • Suitable for use on flat and uneven floor surfaces.
  • Level 2:
    • Knee protectors that offer penetration protection for more extreme surfaces (e.g. scrap in mines).
    • Suitable for very uneven and sharp surfaces.
Working on your knees? Never without my kneepads! That's why I wear a pair of SYNQ work trousers with knee pockets to get to work comfortably and better protected.
Jonathan from VBS Car Audio
Member of the SYNQ Squad (test team)

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