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EN 13758


This standard describes the test methods and specifies the requirements for clothing offering protection against UV radiation from the sun. Garments that comply with this certification are aimed to reduce negative effects from the sun by blocking ultraviolet rays type A (UVA) and B (UVB).

International research has shown that prolonged exposure of the skin to the sun can produce both short and long-term harmful effects. The major cause, ultraviolet radiation, can be significantly reduced by clothing.

Garments that are marked with the EN 13758-2 standard protect the user against UV radiation from the sun. A minimal Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 40 is required. 

UV protective clothing shields against UVA and UVB

These rays affect the skin differently, but both can cause serious harm.

  • UVA
    • About 95% of the sun's UV rays that reach the earth's surface are long-wave ultraviolet A rays. These rays have a lower amount of energy, but penetrate deep into the skin. They are linked to skin damage and aging.
  • UVB
    • The other 5% are short-wave ultraviolet B rays. They mainly reach the outer layer of the skin, but have a high amount of energy. Among others, these rays increase the risk of skin cancer.

Note that only covered body parts are protected. The fabric's protection level can be reduced if it is stretched our, or if the garment is wet or worn out.

UPF 50+ protection: what does it mean?
A garment with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor 50+ will allow only 1/50th of UV radiation to penetrate the fabric and reach the skin.
In other words: it shields you against 98% of the sun's rays.
UPF rating between Protection level UV radiation blocked (%)
15 - 24 good 93,9 - 95,8%
25 - 39 very good 96 - 97,4%
40 - 50+ excellent 97,5 - 98+ %
Ultraviolet Protection Factor - protection levels
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