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Standards & Certification

Our commitment? To provide professionals with workwear that offers the required protection they need for their job. And even though we test our workwear thoroughly ourselves, we don’t expect you just to take our word for it. Our work clothing is also certified according to high international standards.

Safety standards in SYNQ workwear

Click on the standard below to learn more about it and to discover which type of protection your job requires.

EN ISO 13688 standard as a rule

Did you know? All our certified workwear also complies with the EN ISO 13688 standard. This International Standard specifies general performance requirements for protective clothing and diligently sees to questions like: Is it ergonomically designed? Is it harmless for your health? How is the clothing affected by washing and ageing? Does the item have a clear size designation? And is all the needed, protective information correctly marked?

Why you might ask? The answer is simple: because safety matters. By complying with European and international safety standards we can assure our product’s conformity, consistency and – most importantly – your safety. You can download the latest Declaration of Conformity (DoC) of your workwear garment on the different product pages of this site.

In sync with professional laundry

For longer-lasting protective workwear, professional care is the way to go. That's why SYNQ workwear is perfectly in sync with this process.

For certified workwear, we recommend professional care to keep the fluorescent and reflective materials optimally preserved. So you can rest assured the garments still meet the standards & certification and that the protection level remains intact.

Q for quality: tested & approved

All raw materials, whether still in development or long-standing, are thoroughly tested both in Sioen’s own R&D centres and labs, as well as by independent research institutes.

But that's not where our testing process ends... you could say it's only the beginning. That’s why we've teamed up with a group of professionals, who form the SYNQ Squad. They put our developments to the test in the work-field, judging if the performance is up to par for their specific jobs. Any feedback they give us, we evaluate and improve the product where necessary.

Personalisation of certified garments

Company profiling on your workwear? Great idea! But be careful when it comes to personalising certified garments. Adding your company logo might affect the protection level of the garment. You need to keep in mind both the size and placement of your logo, as well as the technique used to apply your logo to the garment. Read more about it in our dedicated page on personalisation.

Upgrade your CE-knowledge to expert level
& check out your U.I.S.
Each certified garment has a User Information Sheet with more details on the standards of your protective clothing, its maintenance instructions and correct use. You can find it in the recycled polybag in which your garment is delivered!

More PPE safety solutions

Are you looking for a different type of professional workwear? Does your job require another CE certification or a higher level of protection? Don’t worry! Since we are part of an internationally renowned textile company, our sister brands have got you covered.

Sioen PPC for instance, is the European Market Leader in Professional Protective Clothing. Their high-quality and highly technical solutions serve many different applications and markets, like the food industry, agricultural industry, petrochemical industry, steel industry, … The broad Sioen PPC product range includes: