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Workwear features

SYNQ garments offer different product features specifically designed to increase your workwear's safety, practicality, comfort, looks,... Discover all product features below.

What is the purpose of workwear features?

Workwear can have several features with different functions. They are incorporated in your clothing to serve one – or more – purposes, such as:

  • Enhancing your safety, think for instance of reflective elements.
  • Increasing the wearer’s comfort, as it is the case with stretch inserts
  • Making your workwear more practical, like functional pockets and loops
  • Extending the lifespan of a garment, e.g. by adding reinforcements
  • And/or adding design elements, simply to improve the garment’s look

Discover all product features used in different garment types:


Useful functions used in both topwear items & work trousers


The practical "Q" shaped D-ring is the perfect place to attach your badge holder. It can easily be removed for a scratch-free garment.

practical zip pullers

Long, anti-slip and easy grip zip pullers make it extra easy to open and close the main zip closure, pockets,... Also when wearing gloves!


Scratch-free garments have hidden buttons and covered zip closures to minimise the risk of scratching delicate surfaces during work.

Reflective stripes

The custom-made design of the segmented, retroreflective tape makes for enhanced visibility and flexibility and … looks great!

Reflective details

The reflective details on almost every SYNQ workwear item don't just add a nice, extra touch to the design, but also to your visibility.


Practical charactistics from SYNQ jackets, sweaters and/or shirts

Adjustable hood

Whether detachable or not, the hood of every jacket has a drawstring and can easily be adjusted at the back with touch & close fastening.

Detachable sleeves

Adapt to any weather with this practical 2-in-1 functionality: Simply zip off the sleeves and transform your jacket into a bodywarmer.

Elongated back

The extended back of jackets, sweaters,… protects the lower back against cold wind. In rainwear, it also lets rain drop off more easily.

zip closure for branding

The zip closure in the back panel of lined jackets makes it extra easy for printing services to smoothly apply company names and/or logos.

Reinforced neck

The reinforced neck of a T-shirt and polo shirt makes it perfectly suited for the identification tag from professional laundry services.

Adjustable cuffs

Keep wind and rain out of your sleeves. For work in heavy weather, some jackets also have elasticated storm cuffs inside the sleeves.


Qool product features of your SYNQ work trousers

Extendable trouser legs

The extendable hem is a practical design feature that easily allows you to add 5 cm extra length to your trouser legs.

pre-bent trouser legs

Pre-shaped trouser legs with pre-bent knees guarantee an optimal freedom of movement, as well as a comfortable fit.

Useful tool pockets

Pen, ruler, utility knife,… stow away your tools within easy reach in one of the many functional pockets and loops.

Pocket for small tools

The holster pocket trousers' zip-up pocket is the perfect place for your smallest tools, such as screwdriver bits.

ventilated knee pockets

The integrated mesh inserts at knee level guarantee an optimal ventilation in all work trousers with knee pockets.

elastic in waistband

All work trousers with 4-way stretch inserts have an extra comfortable waistband thanks to the elasticated backside.

Cordura® reinforced features

Several of the useful product features you find in your SYNQ work outfit use branded Cordura® fabric, known for its durability and resistance to wear & tear.

  • durable (Stretch) Cordura® kneepad pockets

    • Top-loading knee pockets are reinforced with Cordura®. Look for them in the SYNQ & SCORE collection and in certain SYNQ & SAFE garments.

    • Bottom-loading knee pockets are reinforced with 4-way Stretch Cordura®. Find them in the SYNQ & STRETCH collection and in certain SYNQ & SAFE garments.

  • highly flexible 4-way Stretch Cordura® inserts

    • These full stretch zones can be found in our SYNQ & STRETCH collection, as well as in certain SYNQ & SAFE garments, in key movement areas: at the back in the waistband and right underneath it, on the sides of the legs, in the crotch area and at the back of the knees.

  • Cordura®reinforced pockets, loops, hems,...

    • By reinforcing critical areas with Cordura® fabric we strive to extend the lifetime of your workwear.

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