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Stretch fabrics

stretch fabrics explained

One stretch fabric is not like the other. There are a few important differences when we are talking about mechanical stretch versus stretch fabrics through elastic fibres. Then there’s fabrics that stretch bidirectionally, called 2-way stretch as opposed to 4-way stretch fabrics, which allow for a quadridirectional stretch. Having trouble following? Read all about the stretch fabrics used in SYNQ workwear on this page.

What is mechanical stretch?

Mechanical stretch in the main fabric means the fabric has stretch properties, but they are not obtained by adding an elasticated fibre in the composition of the fabric (such as spandex or elastane). Instead, the elasticity is achieved through the weaving process.

How does this work exactly? Well, during the weaving process, the fabric is woven at a higher tension and a slightly higher tolerance in width. In the finishing stage, the fabric returns to its original width, allowing for some natural elasticity in that direction, creating what we call a 2-way mechanical stretch.

When wearing a garment with mechanical stretch in the main fabric, you feel it’s somewhat more flexible. Also, when compared to stretch fabrics with high percentages of elastic fibres, the use of mechanical stretch has a few advantages:

  • it can withstand overall higher washing and drying temperatures;
  • mechanical stetch fabrics have a high colour fastness;
  • they reach a better abrasion resistance as well as tear and tensile strength (depending on the composition of the fabrics you’re comparing of course).
That all SYNQ work trousers have mechanical stretch in the main fabric?

Why choose work trousers with stretch inserts?

More freedom of movement, where you need it the most! When choosing a pair of SYNQ workwear trousers with stretch inserts, not only do you get mechanical stretch in the main fabric, your trousers also have additional panels of 4-way Cordura stretch.

No need to explain that a quadridirectional stretch (or 4-way stretch) makes sure the fabric follows your every move. As for the composition, these stretch fabrics are reinforced with the extremely durable Cordura® fibre. The result? A highly comfortable, yet utterly durable and long-lasting stretch fabric.

As a result of an extensive movement analysis, the stretch inserts are located in areas where it benefits you the most:

  • in the yoke (back side of the waist area)

  • in the crotch

  • in the knees - front (for trousers with knee pockets)

  • at the side of the leg (for service trousers and shorts)

  • at the back of the knee

Whether your job requires bending over, lifting your legs or kneeling, no doubt you'll enjoy the advantages of having stretch inserts in your work trousers!

Need more stretch?
Did you know the trousers with stretch inserts also have stretch in the waistband?

Trousers with mechanical stretch

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SYNQ® Showup

Service trousers, high-vis class 1
108WA2PQA 4 colours
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SYNQ® Sighter

Service trousers, high-vis class 2
109WA2OAA 4 colours
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SYNQ® Catchup

Knee pocket trousers, high-vis class 2
110WA2OAA 4 colours

Trousers with stretch inserts

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SYNQ® Sqoot

Knee pocket trousers, stretch zones
106WA2PQA 6 colours

SYNQ® Qrowd

Holster pocket trousers, stretch zones
107WA2PQA 6 colours
Coming soon

SYNQ® Qlear

Service trousers, stretch zones, high-vis class 1
111WA2PQA 4 colours
Coming soon

SYNQ® Beaqon

Service trousers, stretch zones, high-vis class 2
112WA2OAA 4 colours
Coming soon

SYNQ® Nopaque

Knee pocket trousers, stretch zones, high-vis class 2
113WA2OAA 4 colours
Coming soon

SYNQ® Qandid

High-vis service shorts, stretch zones
212WA2OAA 4 colours