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Discover our durable fabrics into detail. Read more about the different materials we use in our workwear and about the protection and benefits they offer.


The importance of the fabric for a garment cannot be underrated. That's why every SYNQ fabric was carefully selected by our product managers and thoroughly tested at our own in-house test laboratory, by a professional laundry service and - obviously - also by our test team. As a general rule, all SYNQ fabrics are OEKO-TEX® certified and meet our high demands in terms of durability.

Our fabrics can be divided into 3 large groups: We use the in-house Siopor® technology for rainwear, rely on the long-standing Cordura® reputation for (stretch) reinforcements and - for every other fabric - we have made the conscious decision to use a certain amount, or even 100% recycled material.

Read more about the fabric groups below. The detailed fabric information and composition is clearly mentioned on the product's site page, in our catalogue and on the technical datasheet.

Siopor® waterproof fabrics

"High-quality, breathable rain items with proven wind- and waterproof protection"

As part of the Sioen family, SYNQ can count on the companies long-standing experience with creating strong, breathable, comfortable, waterproof clothing. All rainwear items in the SYNQ collections are made with Sioen’s Siopor® technology: a technical fabric that protects you from all weather conditions — wind, cold & rain — without sealing heat and moisture in.

To guarantee the high waterproof protection we aim to offer, there are no recycled materials used in these fabrics. Back to top


This lightweight 2-layer fabric (215 g/m²) consists of a water repellent polyester outer layer with a hydrophilic polyurethane membrane on the inside.


The high mechanical stretch is the absolute star of this 3-layer fabric, which consists of a 100% polyester outer layer, combined with a breathable PU membrane and a 100% polyamide tricot backing. The fact that this fabric is also lightweight (170 g/m²), is an additional benefit that cannot be overlooked!

Is my garment waterproof?

Ok, so you chose a SYNQ jacket to protect yourself from the rain while working? Great! But how does that work exactly? If the fabric is waterproof, does that mean the entire garment is waterproof? And what about breathability?

So many questions.... but don't worry, we've got some answers for you. Learn more about waterproof fabrics versus waterproof garments & find out how the breathability of a jacket adds to your comfort.

CORDURA® reinforcement fabrics

"Your guarantee for strong, long-lasting workwear"

For excellent tear strength and resistance to abrasion, SYNQ work trousers are reinforced with Cordura® fabric. Invented in the late 1920’s, this fabric technology that is “built to last” has gained a solid name and fame in the workwear industry. Discover all about this fabric on the Cordura website.

Depending on the purpose and the area where the fabric is used, you can find 3 different types of Cordura® fabric in our work trousers. Back to top


This robust 100% polyamide fabric is used to reinforce pockets, hems, loops and the knees of knee pocket trousers with a mechanical stretch main fabric only.

4-way stretch cordura® - knee pockets

Combining stretch and strength, this slightly heavier 4-way Stretch Cordura® fabric (340 g/m²), is used to reinforce knee pockets in work trousers with additional stretch inserts.

4-way stretch cordura® - stretch inserts

For optimal flexibility, the 4-way Stretch Cordura® fabric used for stretch inserts is lighter (250 g/m²) and has a higher amount of elastane stretch fibres.

Fabrics with recycled content

"Working in sync with nature"

Most fabrics used in SYNQ garments are made of recycled materials or contain partially recycled materials. The only exception to this rule are the high-performance fabrics used for reinforcements and for waterproof jackets and trousers.

The recycled fibres we use include recycled polyester, recycled cotton and recycled TPE (Thermoplatic Elastomer). To reduce our impact on the environment, we also make use of Lyocell, an environmentally sustainable fibre.

Note that the fabric description of every SYNQ product clearly indicates the type and the quantity of the recycled content that is being used. Back to top


Look for this symbol to easily identify garments that are completely or partially made of recycled materials.

More on durability

When something is called durable, that means it lasts for a long time. And isn’t that exactly something you are looking for in your workwear? Every day, your work clothes need to endure a lot: stress & strains, rubbing & scuffing, wear & tear,… You get the picture.

Choosing durable fabrics, a strong weave and double stitching, gives professionals the durable workwear they deserve. Back to top

Durable, yet comfortable
Choosing for durable workwear doesn't mean you need to lose comfort. All SYNQ work trousers have a main fabric with mechanical stretch.
The twill weave that is used in SYNQ work trousers, is one of the strongest weaves there is!