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Found your perfect workwear outfit, but still in doubt about the colours? Discover below the SYNQ colour book! And look between the colour overview & codes for your favourite shades.

which colours can I choose for my SYNQ workwear outfit?

Choosing an outfit in a certain colour depends very much on your personal taste. It’s important that you can wear the outfit you want in the colour you prefer. So, let’s have a look at the variety of colours & corresponding codes you can choose from.

When you have to decide on the right colours for your workwear outfit, make sure to know if you want your entire outfit in 1 main colour. Or if an outfit in 2 colours or more can boost your professional image.

Plus: if you go for an outfit in the same tones as your company colours, you can easily stand out and look professional.

Colour codes

N07 | Black

NS0 | Black

M93 | Anthracite grey

650 | Anthracite grey / Black

B9Q | Navy blue

730 | Navy blue / Anthracite grey

T96 | Petrol blue

744 | Petrol blue / Black

R29 | Red

540 | Red / Black

A97 | Khaki green

745 | Khaki green / Black

Watch out for our high visibility colour combinations. They make you stand out, not only during the day but also at dawn, twilight, and at night. These fluorescent colours are always combined with a non-high-vis contrast colour and come in 2 variants. Which one do you prefer?

746 | High-vis yellow / Navy blue

751 | Navy blue / High-vis yellow

749 | High-vis yellow / Black

753 | Black / High-vis yellow

748 | High-vis orange / Navy blue

756 | Navy blue / High-vis orange

750 | High-vis red / Black

769 | Black / High-vis red

Mix & Match

Even though each collection has its own design, look and specific features; you can easily combine items from the SYNQ & SCORE and the SYNQ & STRETCH collection thanks to a corresponding colour range. The same rule of thumb applies to the contrast colours in the SYNQ & SAFE collection. So your team wearing high-vis can be in sync with your co-workers in non‑high‑vis!

1 outfit | 1 colour

Standing out with 1 main colour has never been so easy. An entire outfit in 1 shade is a true eye-catcher that guarantees maximum visibility, both for your team and for your company branding. The uniform look you get by dressing up your team in 1 colour also radiates professionalism and confidence.

1 outfit | 2 colours

Do you want to show several colours in your work outfit? No problem! Create a powerful outfit, combining a pair of bicoloured workwear trousers in for instance red/black with a matching polo in black. Personalise your topwear with a logoprint in your corresponding company colour, and you are ready to go.